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1. NO persons are allowed to dress as SANTA CLAUS in or on any unit.
2. All walking and marching parade participants must be a minimum of 8 years of age. The parade route is 1.4 miles long.
3. Candy CANNOT be thrown AT people. It can be handed to spectators along the route along with advertising or marketing materials.
4. This is a moving parade. All units MUST drive FIVE (5) MPH so that walkers can keep up and spectators are able to enjoy your unit. This is also for the safety of spectators and participants.
5. Your vehicle or unit must maintain a safe distance of at least 10’ feet from each curb and 10’ feet from the unit in front of you. Vehicles are expected to be in good mechanical and braking condition. Please make sure you have enough gas to run engine at slow speed for the entire 1.4 mile of parade route.
6. This is a NIGHT time parade. Please have your vehicle/unit decorated with Christmas themed decorations. Music and special effects are all considered in judging.
7. Parade units (especially floats) must arrive decorated and prepared. Please have all of your group members together prior to check in and in the staging area.
8. There will be a drop off area assigned for riders to be dropped off OUTSIDE of the staging area to meet their unit.
9. No vehicles, walkers and/or riders are allowed to leave or be removed from any unit once the parade has started. Shuttles are available for the walkers at BLUE RUN PARK and the shuttle will return you after the parade to the lineup area at Dunnellon Christian Academy.
10. We are opening Float Lineup and check in at 2:00 pm if you need to decorate your float you are able to park at the church beginning at 2 pm and finish decorating your float.
11. All units MUST be fully decorated and checked in by 4:30 pm prior to staging area.
12. All non-participating vehicles or individuals must be out of the parade line up area by 4:30 pm
13. All units and participants must be checked in and in position for lineup fully decorated for parade ready by 5:00 pm.
14. Drivers are to stay with their vehicle in the staging area.
15. All unsafe or disabled units will be removed from the parade route and not allowed to re-enter.
16. There will be no parade entry fee refunds after acceptance for any reason. The parade will be held rain or shine, unless conditions are deemed dangerous to participants that are present.
17. The parade officials’ have the right to eliminate any unit from the parade if instructions are not followed or if any unit is considered unsafe to proceed down parade route.
18. The parade committee reserves the right to accept or reject any entry.
19. Parade rules as listed have been developed for the safety and enjoyment of participants and spectators. Any violations to parade rules will be written up by parade committee and will be taken into consideration upon review and acceptance into parade for subsequent years.
20. Parade participants are required to clean trash and debris from their area prior to the beginning of the parade.
21. I understand that any rule violation by any member of this group may result in non-acceptance into subsequent parades.